Innovations are the on the rise as it has been mentioned in the website of the White House that innovations of any sort or form will be supported by the US government to address the believed phenomenon of change is permanent. So, the idea of production of electricity will also change. It has seen a shift from human to water by making turbines and making them run via falling waters from height. Then coal shoves it to product electricity which was abandoned by some as it was causing pollution. Later, nuclear was allowed to make oneself developed economy as per the declaration of UN org meeting. Now, we are planning for solar.

Whatever has been done before was somehow marginalized for its drawbacks on society, environment or something which was said to be important. Climate change was the main slogan of the scientists to bring in new technologies for the production of electricity. To stop it or reduce it significantly, Turkey is showing remarkable project to use solar tech for electricity production using solar panels in one of its city, the Anatolia.

Will it really work in the way the planners are planning or will it again reveal some sort of issue which will be realized later on. The issue may then stop the PV (photo voltaic) panels from selling in bulk. What can be the issue. Being a Devils Advocate, an expert may conclude after observing the tech patterns of the past that we may suffer the climate change still but it will be a bit different.

The technologies employed in the past were of fission reaction type. The reaction will produce heat which was conserved by nature in something like oil, coal or human etc. Now, it is going to have the reverse reaction which is sort of fusion in type. The energy which is out there from the Sun, will be conserved into PV panels which later can be used by the appliances at homes. Sun energy will be used which may result in some photons absorbed which were previously used by surroundings containing plants, water, animals, humans etc.

The energy used for charging the batteries will not be used by the large number of species existing on the world. They are trillions known to us but may be much greater number is not known to us. When pure energy from sun is not there which produces vitamins in human body for skin and other parts of the body then it is expected that the future of PV panels may be in danger.

When it way the oil, none knew of the O-Zone layer which later on was discovered and later found to be getting damaged from the green house gas affect. Now, the climate change is observed to cause the havoc in the norther hemisphere melting the ice capt which is making the extreme cool winds to flow to the south. Extreme cold weather in Europe is because of this impact of rising oil consumption in the world. When everyone will turn to PV panels, same would be expected though it will somewhat different but with issues.

Man is for mistaking the for-granted blessings by nature to spoil nature and reconcile later when it is too late.

Sun is better than “sunlight” at night; so workout the days, rest-in dark night.

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