Zong has become the first telecom company to offer 3G and 4G services on motorway.Zongs “Super 3G” service is one of the most popular service in Pakistan and so far it has been acquired by a healthy figure of one million 3G subscribers in Pakistan. This remarkable achievement reflects the trust of customers on Zongs 3G and 4G services.

Mr. Babar Bajwa, Zongs Executive Director Marketing on the occassion said that Zong continues to provide the most flexible and advanced services to the Pakistani telecom customer. Customers expectations and demands are increasing by the day. Now people requires fast internet access on the Go irrespective of their location. Zong as the leading telecom service provider, has set new high standards as far as Super 3G services is concerned and extended its coverage to motorway.

He further added that in addition to expansion of Zong super 3G network on motorway,customers of adjoining areas can also enjoy the fast Zong Super 3G services.

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