STAFF REPORT RWP: Highlighting the significance of the web blogs and social media in terms of disseminating information as well as contribution towards economic growth, speakers at a one-day seminar stressed the need for further involvement especially of youth in order to promote the culture of innovations and entrepreneurship.

The seminar titled “How to earn from Blogging and Social Media” has recently been organized by the Technology Times, Tech TV and Ripha International University at the university campus.

The speakers included COO at NTL Saleem Rafik, Editor Weekly Technology Times newspaper Sayed Paras Ali, News Editor at daily The Nation newspaper Shahbaz Bhatti, CEO Aesthetic Technologies Hassan Shabir, and Senior Systems Officer National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences Qasim Mehmood.

Technology Times is the first ever newspaper of Pakistan in the field of Science and Technology, and Tech TV also has the privilege to be a sole science and technology channel in Pakistan, the Muslim world and developing countries.

Purpose of the event was to promote and create awareness of “Blogging and Social Media” as a tool of entrepreneurship or earning source from web among the students in Pakistan as well as assemble ideas and make innovations in this field.

In his opening remarks, Sayed Paras Ali said that the introduction of technology has multiplied our capacity building which ultimately can lead to poverty reduction in the society. He also introduced technology tools and their proper usage to achieve this goal.

Hassan Shabbirs presentation focused on offering soft solutions to develop blogs. He quoted the example of successful but quite young bloggers especially from Pakistan pleading that youth have the ability to penetrate towards practical contribution towards incubating service projects.

Qasim Mehmood dilated upon the instruments of social media and blogs including Facebook, Twitter, Vimio, Linkedin, etc. and stressed upon the participants to focus on introduce your services as well as innovative ideas to make money out of it.

In his presentation, Salim Rafik shed light on technical aspects as well as evolution of blogging and social media and conversion of information towards enhancing outreach to more and more customers. He was of the strong view that blogs sharpen idea conceding skills which is a major weapon towards entrepreneurial trends especially among youths.

Cheif guest of the event Vice Chancellor of Ripha International University Dr. Anis Ahmed thanked the participants and organizers for this valuable event saying it would significantly cater to the needs of the entrepreneur youths.

By Web Team

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