STAFF REPORT ISB: Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) has introduced a number of innovations and technologies which needs translation for dissemination to different clients particularly small farmers. There are over 8 million farm families in the country which are engaged to produce various crops, vegetables, fruits, management of livestock, poultry and natural resources for their domestic as well as country food security.Chairman PARC Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad said this while addressing the scientists on the occasion of Research Productivity Award Ceremony 2012-14 recently held at the NARC.

He congratulated the PARC scientists who obtained these awards. He urged the PARC scientists to design projects, plan activities and way of methods to transfer the information and to benefit the small farmers to increase agricultural production on large scale in the country.

Director General NARC Dr. Azeem Khan highlighted PARC / NARC major 50 initiatives / success stories to share with scientists which include olive promotion, Soybean, canola, new wheat varieties, bio-remediation technology, weed management, Biozote/Biofertilizer, Silage technology, Kitchen gardening and vegetable clubs.

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