Technology hasn’t brought changes in the life of some but all. Young kids are the ones who are affected very badly in reality and in totality. We see them busy in all the new gadgets launched by companies. In fact, the “Individual Differences” researches are full of personality traits which though are categorized into 5 major and 16 other traits of human personality which, of course, are the very limited research based articles in academic journal and the kids personality is full of experiences and they are not full person so they may not be classified as from any personality trait driven being. They are naive and simple. Openness to experience and receptive to all kind of glittering things is what we also feel in ourselves but in kids it is very much significantly observed. This shows that all of us life to enjoy which is portrayed in games online or off line in CD/DVD.

Games industry is the one which is really impacting the life of youngsters. They get indulged into the games so deep that they may even play for days continuously without paying attention to natural calls even (though going to wash room is an exception). Any game we talk about is being liked and played by a great number of kids, teens or adults even. The very impact of games is being highlighted by the experts and social scientists on academic and other type of journals.

Entertainment Software Association is the group which despite the Gaming Industry’s havoc in social setup does the intense lobbying to get the game through the censorship of any sort from those who scrutinize from all aspects. The world is full of joy and entertainment but media is using the old theory that business can survive only by making money and this is the best indirect CSR service to any community. However, a latest report by top newspaper about the CSR Foresight report says that now, members of community are pressurizing more and more the business leaders, may it be computer gaming business, to be more ethically, socially, morally responsible ones for success in the long run as well as in the community or society.

Joy really is what is being liked by innocent minds may the cost of moral or social or fundamental values. Gaming world is not the only industry but just the new one to exploit this phenomenon of lust vs. love of humanity and society. We all need to realize that entertainment isn’t life but just a way to get rid of a stress in life which mainly is because of our own deeds and can be managed by meditating practices advised by religious scholars and now even doctors are paying attention to religious practices of religious leaders. Even words matter while overcoming a stress. Games only transform the stress into lust which again is best satisfied by the teachings of religious teachers.

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