STAFF REPORT ISB: The development of social entrepreneurship since the last decade has steered social innovation and initiated sustainable and scalable solutions in numerous parts of the developing world. Social enterprise, a relatively alien notion in Pakistan, is quickly getting a foothold in many areas of development.

Unswerving lack of investment in Pakistans public sector has stimulated local business influential to invest in ideas that confront issues for instance water and sanitation problems along with those that can tackle its energy and environmental concerns. In the face of the prevalent social, economic and political challenges in Pakistan, new social enterprises are evolving in the country to shape impetus for development, investment and innovation.

“Pakistan is a land of opportunity”, asserted Shivang Patel, commission coordinator of i-genius. “Despite media attention in the west on all things bad in the region we found a country progressing through slow but significant positive reforms”.

The thrilling part about the advancement of social enterprise is that businesses all over are creating businesses with philanthropy and significant societal elements at their core. However, in Pakistan, several foreign funded development projects do not go further than crisis management.

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