Pakistan is a country, always said it was a land of opportunity, but it needs a little more laborious things started, and then win on the door of many successful business entities in this country and manage their business, spend extravagant living here. Pakistan is a land base for agriculture in this area here is so much opportunity. Today, many people have analysts believe that the fish on the pitch.

Fish mainly in Pakistan have a range of water temperature 20-35 degrees celsius warmer regions for living. It was suggested that the farm can be located in any part of the country, which can be used to enrich pond construction and high-quality water supply standard land.

Fish farming or aquaculture is a growing industry because the fish is full of important nutrients as a source of increased demand for healthy living opportunities. Small-scale farms are relatively easy to build; because the requirement is minimal start-up costs are not overwhelming.

Recent studies have demonstrated that nutrition fatty fish consumption benefits, which is equipped with ω-3 fatty acids. The ω-3 fatty acids are known to stimulate intellectual activity, reducing the risk of stroke and heart disease. Studies have shown that eating fish can improve eye health and reduce the risk of colon cancer and therapeutic effect on people with depression and arthritis patients.

Fish at home as a way of producing cheap source of protein is urban and rural areas attractive idea, especially now that overfishing (plus many spawning and foraging pollution) causing prices of fruits on the high seas.


At home level concrete or plastic boxes and inland pond are good cheap source for home fish farming. Fish feed contain poultry manure, fertilizer, fodder and grass etc. Good quality water is basic need for farming as it contains enough oxygen for fish. Because ponds are better and more convenient way to fish under the current conditions, the Earth, at least 40% of the clay content of less than 20 per cent of the sand is appropriate to begin, because fish farm can retain the ability to accept water. Grass carp, Silver carp, Rohu, Morkahi, bighead carp and Har grown in warmer areas of the country, and Knot the fish in the mountains, Trout in the colder regions.

Different mediums for fish farming at home and commercial levels.

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