STAFF REPORT LHR: The passion of cars for everyone remains eternal. From vintage beauties to new tech oriented supercars, everyone has their own favorite. Our very own Pakistan celebrities have some of the most interesting choices. Carmudi, the leading online platform for buying and selling cars, has dug out Pakistans favorite celebrities talking about their favorite cars. Some of the national celebrities say that having envious cars is their passion they run after.

Ali Zafar, a renowned singer, says his love of cars expands from vintage to the new technology types. Mercedes Mclaren is one of the supercars to make way with the most amazing electronic stability and an otherworldly look to it.

Adnan Siddique says a car is a sacred thing for every man. He loves to drive anything that makes him feel at ease and proud of the car he owns; his absolute favorite is the Wrangler Jeep. A jeep feels absolutely amazing on the road.

Javed Sheikh says he has always had a special interest in cars. His eternal love remains the Rolls Royce, basically because he believes its design sets it apart from every other car. Its fast, with some of the most interesting features and eye pleasing colors.

Abbas Hassan says his love of cars has two sides. He is either drawn to the latest cutting edge sports cars or to old vintage cars with a classic charm. He loves the idea of revving down the highway on a sunny day in a vintage convertible 1969 Boss Mustang.

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