Awarded with Best RandD Effort Award 2014, “My Smart Remote” is a mobile app based system that provides innovative car anti-theft and anti-snatching features. Other features include mobile app controlled engine start/off, air conditioning (AC), heating, door lock/unlock, trunk (boot), panic, headlights.

A number of different apparatus have been developed to prevent auto theft. Keeping in view the fact that SECURITY IS A PROCESS AND NOT A PRODUCT, every security solution is compromised at a certain time after its launch. Unfortunately, professional car thieves know the ins and outs of existing car anti-theft devices and can frequently circumvent these devices. Our newly developed “My Smart Remote” gives an innovative auto security method which is not subjected to the techniques used by thieves to bypass existing security solutions. The product is low cost, has no match in the market and is independent of internet and cellular signals. The system is compatible with any vehicle.

  • Over 5 million automobiles are subjected to auto theft each year. In developing and under developed countries this issue is even more pressing.

  • Car theft directly increases crime rates as criminals use these cars for illegal activities. Many times innocent users get involve in legal issues.

  • The innovative anti-snatching mechanism of MSR ensures drivers safety and auto security in cases where a thief wants to snatch mobile, passwords or car by force.

  • Remotely control the interior temperature of your car. Remotely cool it down during a hot summer, or warm it up during a cold winter.

  • Existing car entry devices like immobilizer and transponder keys will cost as much as $400 for one key. It also involves time, efforts and inconvenience. My Smart Remote offers unlimited free downloads of your keys (app copies).

  • The system has been developed, tested and deployed

  • One gadget removed – no need for keys. Imagine you lock your keys or lost them when you are on a long journey like motorway or leaving for an important meeting.

  • Unlock your car from any other smartphone when you get locked your smartphone inside your car.

  • The target market size is over $300 Billion

  • Due to the limitations of existing car security solutions, the number of auto theft is very high. The competition is less and initial market research yields high values for revenue generation for our product.

Secured many awards, appreciation from industry leaders and reported on more than 6 TV Channels, radio and newspapers.

Status: We have developed, tested and implemented the prototype, alpha, beta and commercial prototype of the product. Currently we are seeking investment for manufacturing, mass production and commercial packaging. Serious investors are requested to contact us on or through our website given below.

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