STAFF REPORT KHI: LINE, the worlds leading mobile messaging platform with over 490 million users, has officially started the much-awaited LINE Group Chat2Win Contest in Pakistan. The event started from September 22 will continue till October 21 and promises the most exciting prizes for the winners of the contest.

The winning prizes include a return ticket to Thailand, 10 smartphones and 100,000 LINE coins to purchase exciting LINE stickers, LINE apps and LINE themes from the online store available on LINE Messenger.

According to details, the LINE Messaging App can be downloaded for free from multiple platforms including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia and Windows.

To enter in the event, each eligible participant must communicate either through sending text, picture, voice message, LINE call, stickers and/or other communication method in a group chatting room with not less than three users in the room.

The eligible participant must send messages to each other for at least five days (not necessarily five consecutive days) during the event period. By sending the messages for at least five days during the event period each eligible participant will win free LINE coins to use within the LINE App.

The winner will be selected in a random drawing comprising all eligible entries.

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