STAFF REPORT LHR: LEAD Pakistan and the Planning and Development Department Punjab have recently organized a policy dialogue on “Addressing Pakistans Food and Water Security Challenge in a Changing Climate” in Lahore. The policy dialogue was chaired by CEO LEAD-Pakistan Ali Tauqeer Sheikh and Chairman Planning and Development Department M Irfan Elahi and. The dialogue was based on two-policy briefs developed based on thorough research and presented by LEAD Pakistan.

The first policy brief was presented by Director Programs LEAD-Pakistan, Hina Lotia, and was titled Water Availability in Pakistan and Towards a Provincial Climate Change Adaptation Policy and focused on food – and water security in the Punjab.

The second policy brief was presented by Usman Mirza from LEAD Pakistans Water Programme and was titled Economic Cost of Climate Change on Agriculture Productivity. This brief discussed the centrality of water to our climate change challenge and the loss in terms of agriculture productivity we are facing.

Both the policy briefs culminated by proposing specific recommendations for the government, which were well received by the audience that included members of the academia, policymakers, government officials, and civil society.

Prominent experts like Dr. Akmal Hussain, Dr Pervaiz Tahir, Dr Ziagham Habib, Dr Pervaiz Amir and Dr M Hafeez provided their feedback on the presented policy briefs.

At the occasion, CEO LEAD Pakistan Ali Tauqeer Sheikh said “Events like these provide a good opportunity for researchers and policymakers to work together.

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