STAFF REPORT ISB: The large scale manufacturing (LSM) sector in Pakistan posted a growth of 3.95 per cent in last fiscal 2013-14 over its preceding year, shows statistics released by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS).

According to the data, the Quantum Index Number (QIM) of LSM industries stood at 121.66 points last fiscal as compared to 117.04 points of the preceding year showing 3.95 per cent increase.

The LSM sector performance overall was satisfactory during the previous financial year. The government had projected that the country would achieve growth of 4.14 percent during outgoing fiscal year mainly due to improved LSM performance.

The LSM sector had recorded negative growth of 2.74 per cent during June 2014 over the month of May. The growth has affected in last few months because of the severe energy crisis in the country that either shut down the industrial units or reduce their efficiency.

Major share towards positive growth was from textile 1.32 per cent, food and beverages 7.16 per cent, coke and petroleum products 6.22 per cent, paper and board 10.99 per cent, fertilizers 16.5 per cent, electronics 9.55 per cent, iron and steel products 5.58 per cent, leather products 11.65 per cent, chemicals 6.87 per cent, non-metallic mineral products 0.79 per cent and rubber products 11.47 per cent.

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