MONITORING REPORT ISB: Iran has successfully produced nano-powder that could increase the efficiency of gas engines and turbines when after their coating.

The nanopowder is used as a thermal block in these devices and can be produced through a simple and economical method.

According to details, enhancing the efficiency of space engines and gas turbines requires increase in operational temperature. The inlet turbine temperature for latest aerospace engines and industrial gas turbines is presently higher than 1300°C. In these devices, operational temperature can be reduced by using thermal block coatings with low thermal conductivity.

In this research, yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ) nanopowder has been produced through sol-gel method, and it was investigated.

Iranian researchers say that purpose of this research is to produce ceramic zirconia nanopowder to be used in thermal block coatings. Only a few companies in the world can produce this material at the moment, and due to the international sanctions, it is very difficult to import this material from other countries to be used in various industries.

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