AirDroid 2 now on Google Play, Brings Web-Based remote control along. One less Cable, One less Worry. Now android can be controlled through any Wi-Fi, anywhere, through the new AirDroid 2.

AirDroid announced AirDroid 2s Public Beta about a year ago, but the new version is finally available at Google Play and open to all users. The final version is much more polished and brings a bunch of useful tools and stuff.

As promised, you no longer need to have your phone under same roof, on the same Wi-Fi connection in order to control it with AirDroid. Just like the beta, as long as you have your phone set up (you’ll need to be on the same network to pair it and create an account if you don’t have one already) you can then enable remote access and then connect to it from your desktop web browser anytime you want. Unfortunately, connecting remotely means you’re routing traffic through AirDroid’s network, so you’re capped at 1GB of data transfer. Don’t worry though: that’s actually a lot of data, as long as you’re not streaming media or transferring huge files.

AirDroid 2.0 update adds phone finder, camera access and cellular data use – which is quite awesome. The AirDroid webapp has seen some upgrades as well: features like remote calling, texting, file transfers, and sideloaded APK installs have all been brought to the fore where they’re a little easier to find and access. You can still get your phone’s precise location via GPS, control your phone’s rear camera (without activating the camera app, so if your phone is lost, the person who has it doesn’t know you’re on to them), access files and folders on your SD card, and more. Sending SMS messages through your phone while sitting at your desktop keyboard is just as easy as always.

There isn’t a whole lot that’s new in the UI department. Everything in AirDroid has been given a nice layer of spit and polish, but the biggest change is to the Messages (SMS) mini-app. The function has been cleaned up and is considerably faster. A complete history of message logs con be accessed in the same way that you can access calls, with search and emoticons thrown in.

If you dont have the app, then now is the time to get it. All these features just for $0.00.. Ohh, that means it free…

Go and get the app for your android device and use your device from anywhere you want. Link for AirDroid is given Below:

AirDroid Remote Control app for android – get here

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