With the intense political situation of the country ruining the daily routine, computer geeks have found new ways to cool down the pressure by making funny apps such as “Gullu” and lately “Container Run”.

Googles android market is a great way to reach a broad audience not just related to your own country but also the people living abroad. Since the purchase of Android by Google, it has been a great change in Androids and the market.


“Gullu”, developed and published by Weird Science has been an interesting game based on the Lahore incident. In this game, you are Gullu Butt, the “handlebar-mustached vandal” (as mentioned by Wikipedia). You have a bat in your hand with which you will smash the objects given to you.

“Gullu” has been quite popular since its launch. According to Google Plays stats, the game has reached 100 thousand downloads until now. It has reached 4 stars with 4,895 people to review.

Download “Gullu” from the link below and “Unleash the Gullu within you!”


Container Run

“Container Run” is a subway surfer type game developed by Value Apps and published by Eccentrica Tech in which you are the Politician “Imran Khan” who is making a run towards Islamabad but the way is blocked by containers so you must dodge them to reach your destination. To spice the app up a bit, Imran Khan can be jumped on containers.

“Container Run” has earned quite some popularity since it was published. It gained 50 thousand downloads with 4.1 stars and 2,762 people to review.

Container Run can be downloaded from the link below:


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