Plants can only be understood when considered in connection with all that is circling, weaving and living around them. In the spring and autumn, when swallows produce vibrations as they flock in a body of air, causing currents with their wing beats, and birdsong, have a powerful effect on the flowering and fruiting of plants. These observation lead to the development of audio plant growth promoting product called the “sonic bloom”.

Sonic bloom is simply a sound frequency based on birdsong, crickets and other sounds from nature. It is a proprietary audio and an organic nutrient plant growing process that was first developed by Dr. Dan Carlson Sr. in the 1970s to assist the farmers, particularly with low water availability and poor soil conditions. When properly applied, sonic stimulation (which is essentially a synthesized version of birdsong), causes the stomata or breathing holes under the leaves to open wider, thus allowing in more carbon dioxide and nutrients.

This affects plant metabolism at the cellular level and increases the size and number of stomata on each leaf, resulting in a greatly increased absorption rate of moisture and nutrients an effect that is quickly reflected in root growth, seed-germination, plant growth and yield.

The second discovery is the development of a natural organic nutrient formula which is most effective when applied at the same time as the sonic stimulus to the leaves of plants and trees as a fine spray, or to seeds as a carefully timed soak. A few years later Dr. Carlsons son and apprentice, Dan Carlson, redeveloped the sonic bloom nutrient into a powder concentrate form making it more sustainable and greatly increasing shelf life of the nutrient. Sonic bloom continues to make strides to ensure growers of every size and method can benefit from using our audio agriculture system. From aquaponics to drought resistance it has been tested with every possible growing method. In response to more people micro or balcony gardening the sonic bloom starter kit was developed by Dan Jr. in 2013. Now vegetarian dissolvable gel caps has been uniquely designed to aid plants grown in small spaces. SB1 audio box has been re-launched this year with adjustable volume control so backyard gardeners, indoor and greenhouse growers can now use strait frequency for maximum results.

Sonic bloom looks forward to new developments such as solar charging sound system and increasing range on our commercial audio systems.

The writers are associated with the Department of Agronomy, University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan.

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