STAFF REPORT ISB: The improper disposal or burning of electronic waste like computers, mobile phones and TV sets in developing states especially Pakistan is not only one of the factors behind environment degradation but also can cause multiple human diseases like skin problems, lungs cancer, anemia and infertility as they heavily release toxicants to the air.

“One of the big environmental problems we are facing today, but are unaware, is the e-waste and its improper disposal,” said Prof Dr Aftaab A Maroof, former Director National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, FAST, Islamabad, during a dialogue on environment and e-waste in Islamabad.

The event was jointly organized by Environmental Watch Trust (EWT) and Pakistan Association of Green Agricultural Journalists (PAGAJ) at the Baidari-e-Fiker Forum, Islamabad.

Dr. Aftaab said that people in developed states continue replacing their old computers with latest ones and their governments send their whole e-waste to poor or developing states especially Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

He suggested that there must be some effective laws to stop the developed states to from shipping the e-waste to poor countries and also regulate this improper disposal of e-waste to minimize the negative effects on environment as well as human body.

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