STAFF REPORT ISB: The United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan (USEFP) has recently hosted a pre-departure orientation for 80 students, who will be travelling this fall to realize their dreams of a higher education in the US.

Speaking on the occasion, USEFP Executive Director Rita Akhtar congratulated the students and said, “USEFP is pleased to be able to help talented Pakistani students like you, achieve admission to US colleges and universities. US colleges and universities welcome Pakistani students as they add to the already rich diversity in the classroom.”

The event was a networking platform aimed to prepare the students for a potentially life-changing experience. Education USA Advising Manager Umair Khan offered some invaluable tips to the students.

He explained that professor-student relations were less formal in the United States than in Pakistani universities. “Despite the casual atmosphere, you will be required to do class readings ahead of time, attend classes on regular basis and submit assignments on time.”

“A majority of teachers in the American classrooms are big on class participation that may be counted towards final grades,” said Khan.

The departing students were given a presentation to prepare them for their new life in the US – both inside and outside the classroom.

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