The mankind is known to have a specific trait to support the specie of its own kind or to be very specific the kinship is given preference in each and every field. This goes on and on by giving preference in the job market to those who are close in relationship to oneself. This is criticized as it is said to be a bad activity or habit or whatever, as the issues of discrimination and family politics rise due to nepotism. This is observed to be the case of not only in the humans but also other kind of things in the universe.

We will try to super impose or project this phenomenon or trait in techno world or among the technology. We see that technology is not only going to support technology to be purchased, appreciated or populated in usage among the masses but also it strengthens itself against its enemies. The sole enemy of technology is observed to be the natural systems of the universe as rain, floods, water, air, human, trees, forests, etc.

Technology is far more in practicing nepotism which is said to be technopotism when observed in technologies. Technology has its own nature to practice nepotism. We can observe it all around us. The road technology really hampers the planet earths purity by making the soil barren for hundreds of years in future. No plants, herbs or shrubs will be growing on that land and the lungs of planet which needs green gold in abundance for cleaning its atmosphere suffers badly from carbon emission. So, we are demanding roads which are only to support our expensive cars and automobiles which are contributing a huge chunk in green gases thus making us suffer more from innovative diseases never seen before.

Think of a small village where there is no road but the natural travel resource is good enough there as the creator of the universe made the horse in a way that it can run and cruise through places which are up and down. We also see that camel cant show efficiency on road technology but it is good enough in desert which is again a natural system of the planet earth. Both these things from nature suffer from the pollution and other modifications by mankind for the sake of luxury and comfort in life.

Now, take the example of modern era construction technology which is very much popular in the civilized world. In our pursuit of future tech planning for Pakistan from the view point of socio-economic well being of our people, the energy experts invited renowned civil engineer Dr. Qureshi from NCA Lahore who used to come and go to Islamabad on his own expense and demands no honorarium to give his expert opinion in this very critical process of identification of issues and challenges in adoption, acceptance of diffusion of innovative technologies. He was very firm in criticizing the economists and entrepreneurs from the west to create the need of modern construction technology which was only for the sake of making money from technologies which were not good for environment but for the business men and the officials who supported the technology via public policy. We see that now the new cities are full of modern way of construction which are using new materials, cooling systems, heating tech, elevators etc. which are proven to increase the global entropy with greater pace than it was in the history with little or no usage of technology. The new buildings are supporting new technologies of security systems also which are creating issues of unemployment after all of automation it has introduced. We cant make our houses cool with cooling systems and cant heat homes without modern heating tech now.

Similarly, this technopotism is observed in mobile phones, computers, televisions, refrigerators, washing machines etc. In effect, the issues being faced by the new generations are on the rise much faster than ever before. The divide is going on as discrimination can be seen in big cities like Tokyo, New York, Karachi, Istanbul etc. as compared to those which are not focused by human beings using the notion of development.

Keen observation reveals that oil technology supports all and umbrella to oil is the technology of money.

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