STAFF REPORT ISB: Around 77 per cent of smart phone users in Pakistan are 21 to 30 years-old who are connected with the world through Internet and enjoying the latest applications on their modern handsets.

The two third or 68 per cent of these users are on Android while remaining 24 per cent are iOS users while Windows Phone OS holds 8 per cent market-share in the country.

Grappetite, a mobile app development firm headquartered in Netherlands, while having its production office in Karachi has unveiled that majority of smartphone users (62.5 per cent) connect with internet over WiFi only, with only 25 percent using the mobile internet while on the go. Some 12 percent smartphone users live without internet.

Interestingly, according to Grappetite statistics, majority of smartphone users or 41pc of users consume more than Rs. 500 per month for their communication needs, which is more than the double of what an average Pakistani mobile phone user spends per month.

Around 16 per cent smartphone users regularly buy paid apps while remaining 84 percent contents with free apps.

Interestingly, 60 per cent of smartphone users carry more than one phone due to security situations or for other needs.

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