STAFF REPORT MULTAN: As the exports of Pakistani mangoes are portraying a bleak picture especially for the last couple of years mainly due to the absence of latest mango treatment technology, there is a good news for the mango farmers as they would witness installation of small hot water treatment plants at farm level that would improve mangoes shelf life significantly.

“Hot water plant is suitable for mango farmers as it will disinfest mango from fruit fillies and other diseases and farmers will be able to export quality mango and they can earn more profit and ultimately Pakistan can earn more foreign exchange,” said Sikandar Hayat Bosan, Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research (NFSR) while speaking on the occasion of demonstration of small-scale mango hot water treatment unit at Multan.

He said that fruit fly attack on mango is a serious issue. Due to fruit fly infestation our mango export has a big challenge to operate in European Union. Due to lack of proper mango processing plants including hot water treatment plants, quality of mango exported by bulk exporters is not up to the required standards, he maintained. Bosan disclosed that the government is planning to distribute 10 more such plants to different clusters of mango growers.

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