STAFF REPORT ISB: The run-of-river Karot Hydropower Project, with concrete gravity dam having installed capacity of producing 720 MW power would be completed by 2020.

The project is planned on Jhelum River near Karot Village 3 Kilometers (KM) downstream of Azad Pattan Bridge.

The surface area of the new reservoir at full water level is 4,210,000m.

The Project is considered with shorter headrace tunnel, underground power house and long tail race tunnel/channel implying four Francis Turbines of 183 MW each unit.

“The project will generate annual energy 3,436 GWh with plant factor of 54.48 percent and will connect to government owned national grid through a 30-year Power Purchase Agreement with National Transmission and Dispatch Company,” disclosed an official of the ministry.

The project will generate clean, renewable, reliable and sustainable energy to offset power shortages in the country, utilizing existing hydropower potential in the country, and will replace electricity otherwise supplied by dominant existing or future planned thermal power sources to the extent of its generation.

The project shall contribute to GHG emission reduction by displacing oil fired expensive thermal power, which will result in reduction of some 35.73 million tons of CO2 emissions over the period of 21 years.

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