Software industry is certainly the offshoot of rich and talented brains, as has been established through the level of modern times development of the west. Majority of the developed states particularly United States, Germany, China, Korea, Japan and even India (a developing state) have successfully arrested the opportunity. They established a network of IT institutes, produced IT graduates and tapped the potential of their skilled human resource. Particularly, India and China are in the forefront in grabbing the major share of the estimated over $500 billion world IT market through offering cheap but skilled IT professionals to international renowned IT companies. Estimates show, Indias IT industry, which consists of IT services and business process outsourcing, had earned aggregated revenue in 2012 alone was $100 billion. This level of revenue is set to jack up as the estimated value of the global IT services industry will reach $1.147 billion by 2017. Massive offshore jobs generated by software vendors in US, Canada and European countries, where demand for the management systems is high but expensive too, have led to the boom in both India and China. Since Asian states like India, China, Pakistan, Philippiness have high rate of English speaking professionals, the international IT firms prefer outsourcing their projects to these states.
Pakistan has a great potential to attract foreign IT vendors and has launched various plans not only to produce quality computer engineers and software developers, but also offered incentives to software development organizations to enhance their capacity building. But even then it has failed to stop its brain drain, which has turned out to be a major bottleneck in developing indigenous software market. The foremost task the sitting government should do is to offer generous incentives to the IT professionals in order to put a full stop against the brain drain. Similarly, development of software industry in Pakistan needs a futuristic approach for startups and contributing environment for the software concerns already in the business. One important thing missing in our software industry is the apt marketing of products. Until and unless the world is sensitized on the potentials of the countrys human resource, securing a competitive share of the world IT and software market would remain a distant cry. Pakistan can be made a destination of choice for the international IT vendors which offer offshore jobs, but there is also a need to develop an appropriate IT infrastructure and high-speed connectivity gadgets to qualify for competition.

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