STAFF REPORTER KARACHI: As Pakistan starts to embrace newly-introduced mobile broadband technology, the telecom sectors regulator is upgrading technology as well as skills of its officers – a move aimed at monitoring the quality of service (QoS) parameters for third-generation (3G) and 4G mobile services.

The Pakistan Telecom­munication Authority (PTA) concluded a two-day training programme in collaboration with NEMO Anite, a Finnish company, in Islamabad. Purpose of the event was to impart knowledge and skills to PTA officials so that they can effectively monitor the quality of service (QoS) parameters in 3G and 4G environment.

It said the PTA had procured NEMO outdoor equipment to assess QoS of GSM mobile networks in 2006. Now, Anite has provided an upgrade of its NEMO QoS monitoring platform to the PTA for 3G and 4G.

NEMO Invex – Tool Model – enables outdoor drive test measurements and benchmarking to ensure QoS of cellular networks. Anite has an established position in mobile benchmarking, drive test measurement and optimisation solutions for perfecting the air interface of wireless networks, it said.

“This solution will enable the PTA to monitor licensed QoS key performance indicators of 3G/4G networks in the country to ensure that quality standards are met and users get the services at anticipated quality standards,” said PTA Chairman Dr Ismail Shah.

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