STAFF REPORT ISB: The government under its Vision on Education is emphasizing on vocational and technical education as its numbers will be increased to 50 percent of all secondary enrolment by 2025. The technical and vocational education institutions are being emphasized to collaborate with businesses in identifying equipment and teaching materials in accordance with the skills required by businesses (re-engineering the curricula).

“The vocational training facilities, polytechnic institutions need to be established at federal and provincial level on needs basis,” shows information released by the Ministry of Education.

According the information, the secondary education enrolment will be increased from 5 percent to 10 percent while HEC will assist the development of universities and colleges by providing quality university education through merit scholarships, research, and de-politicization of university campuses and good governance.

The policy guidelines given in the draft Vision 2025 for Pakistan revealed that it aims at substantial expansion in access to education as well as making significant improvements in quality of education.

The other objective of this initiative is development of a society in which every child, youth and adult must have access to quality education without discrimination.

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