Staff Report Isb: Mango experts, farmers, academia and researchers showed a great concern over the fast decreasing mango orchards in Sindh.

Speaking at a two-day “Conceptual Workshop on Pre- and Post-Harvest Management Interventions”, growers said they are facing field problems, like lack of orchard management practices, water shortage and attack of fruit fly on the king of fruits mango and losing their source of income.

The event was organized by the Australia-Pakistan Agriculture Linkages Programme (ASLP) in collaboration with Sindh Agriculture University, Tandojam.

The growers said insects and different diseases are causing sudden death of orchards. According to them, the floods of 2010, 2011 and 2012 also affected badly these orchards and growers faced colossal loss because entire gardens dried in the wide area, especially in lower parts of Sindh.

Prof. Dr. Mujeebuddin Memon Sahrai, Vice Chancellor of the university, said the province produces 80 percent of Sindhri mango in the country, which is popular in UK, USA, Australia, Canada and other developed countries because of its taste and aroma.

Dr Sahrai said mango industry could support the farmers to improve their orchard, through management practices, to produce quality fruit and export their produces to abroad for more income.

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