Once during the Technology Foresight – Education 2025 in Pakistan, the words of the then government officials conference on the education in Pakistan was actively participated by the team to find out the solutions to current issues. It was learnt that the government just cant do it alone as it is really a great monster which cant be tackled by the government alone. The support of the NFP and civil society is inevitable and detrimental. The problem may be aggravated more if not tackled properly in collaboration with the civil society and Not For Profit organizations. Despite the criticism from civil society and other participants, the government officials were unable to find the solution to kill this monster of illiteracy alone due to lack of resources either it be HR, buildings, finance or other necessary things like water, sanitation, etc.

Well, it is true to some extent despite the manipulation and distortion from the government of the past. It was observed and still observed that we need to be strategic, tactful and use technology management principles and theories in a way that we can successfully and sincerely overcome this problem relying on our own resources rather than getting funding from abroad which often is said to be coupled with some sort of agendas which may be perceived negatively by social and cultural values flag bearers. This is purely based on using the IT as silver bullet but it tries to address the issue by a way which is claimed to be more secure and is entertaining the concerns of all the critiques on the new technologys negative implications for our society; may it be from the view point of value system, culture, religion, language or else. But the manufacturers and innovators are said to be smart enough in making the technology in a way that it can to disconnect from the internet access but yet the content can be delivered in almost all the countries of Africa and Asia.

The new technology is a state-of-the-art smart tablet which is only having access to educational content via 2 satellites on the two major continents of the world. The gadget is also a self-charged battery system which of course is no other than the smart self-charging technology of solar cells. The charging is said to last for 8 hours and can serve the users at night or in the days of continuous rainy season when it remains cloudy for days.

The tablet is very potential technology in providing education to the remote places where the concept of digital divide is easily observed. This divide may end in future if the potential of this technology is exploited by the government or some really sincere business community which is keen enough in imparting education via philanthropy based educational projects for such remote regions, said the companys operations manager. The cost of the tablet is high but compared to what we are spending on cell phones and the services expenditures of cell phones, the cost is just a small fraction, as discussed by the company owners in Pakistan. The usage of technology is perceived to be not free from pitfalls but still very secure as compared to other IT related gadgets. The link is mainly with the satellite and not with the internet. Access to internet can be given and Wi-Fi option can be used but it can be controlled in much better way as compared to mobiles, tablets, laptops etc. The technology can also be used as mobile but again it is secondary facility thus making it better option to focus on education rather than a cell phone to chat for fun purpose or else. The tablet has many built in applications which can be used by the students to learn the basics of math and science as well as other important subjects.

The managers are optimistic that it will succeed sooner though it may take a longer time period in getting acceptance among masses and become as diffused as other technologies are in these days. It is expected to face some criticism as put by the member of civil society. The conspiracy theory is also very much believed in relation to whatever comes from where the sun sets. The technology for sure is not free from the demerits and can always be used to harm masses very easily; may the harm be financial, social, lethal etc. The technology needs strategy which is said to be socialization and propagation via social networks which are physical in nature though for marketing sake virtual societies can also be good enough. The real acceptance, adoption and diffusion takes place when peers of social network are going to actively learn its usages, merits and ways to constructively induce it in members of social setup.

One best use of it which is claimed to be economical as well when compared with school bags, books and other items used to educate with relatively little efficiency is to kill illiteracy using this terminator technology carefully with fully fledged policy documents to curb its misuse by locals as well as aliens to our nation.

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