STAFF REPORT ISB: Since agriculture is the backbone of Pakistans agriculture economy, the government should take stringent measures to develop agriculture sector for improving the economy.

“Agriculture is the backbone of our economy, but due to lack of attention, the sector has not been able to achieve per acre yield of wheat, rice, sugarcane and other crops up to the international standards,” said Muhammad Ali Mirza, Acting President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

He said Pakistan is among top ten producers of wheat with around 25 million ton output last year, but its per hectare yield is just around 2.6 ton as compared with Chinas 4.7 ton and UKs 7.7 ton. Similarly, Pakistans per hectare yield in rice is just 3.1 ton while it is 6.5 ton for China, 4.2 ton for Bangladesh and 4.1 ton for Sri Lanka.

He said improving per acre yield of agriculture assumes additional significance for Pakistan as it would improve exports of agro products leading to lowering of fiscal deficit and meeting domestic needs at affordable prices.

He also said that this sector is facing many serious problems and government should provide easy credit and cheap electricity to farmers, facilitate introduction of latest technology and spend more on farm-to-market infrastructure development.

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