STAFF REPORT ISB: Science and technology seems to be lowest on the governments development agenda. A drastic cut has been slapped on recurring budget or allocations for new projects. Some projects being executed by the Ministry of Science and Technology have been shelved. A meager amount of Rs903 million has been set aside for 31 projects in the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) for 2014-15 for various ongoing and new projects against Rs2.1 billion allocated for 51 projects last fiscal year. Nine of its ongoing projects have been abolished.

The ministry had sought about Rs4 billion for 29 ongoing and 21 new projects. The finance ministry approved Rs2 billion but the Ministry of Planning and Development Division slashed it to Rs903 million, without giving any reason.

“We are shocked to see the cuts in the PSDP,” said an official requesting anonymity.

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