STAFF REPORT KHI: C-Square Consulting has been awarded “Genesys Service Partner of the Year” Award. This recognition award was received in the presence of Genesys EMEA Partners. Presently, C Square Consulting is the only Bronze Value Added Reseller for Genesys in Pakistan.

C Square Consulting stands tall to have won this award among 70 countries in the region. Over the past few years they have been focusing on resource development and investing heavily on trainings and certifications. It also holds the highest number of Certified Resources for Genesys in the MEA region.

“It is a proud moment for a Pakistani company to have won this award. This recognition has given us a boost and confirmed our belief that we can achieve the impossible,” said Ahsan Mashkoor, CEO of C-Square Consulting, said on the occasion.

In next few months, C-Square Consulting envisions becoming Genesys Gold Partner. The two companies signed four new deals back to back within one quarter, which led to an increase in their market share.

Taking a note of a steady performance, C-Square Consulting looks forward to capturing new venues and expanding Genesys across the board locally and internationally.

The team at C-Square uses its vast valuable market experience with various technologies to provide its customers solutions for development, integration and deployment services.

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