MONITORING REPORT ISB: Pakistan has become the first foreign country to use China based GPS system made by BeiDou and the company (Compass) has also set up a network in Pakistan.

“The first stage of Pakistans geographic positioning network has been completed with the network covering Karachi,” said Chief Scientist of UniStrong Shen Jun while speaking at the annual China Satellite navigation Conference in Nanjing.

BeiDou, a navigation satellite system company, is co-developed by China Great Wall Industry Corporation and the Beijing UniStrong Science and Technology Co. Ltd.

The network has five base stations and one processing center, covering Karachi.

The company claims that the GPS can provide positioning with accuracy of up to two centimeters. However, it adds that the accuracy can extend up to five millimeters after post-processing.

GPS can help with urban planning, surveying and mapping environmental supervision, disaster relief efforts, traffic monitoring and other fields.

Shen Jun added that the second stage of the network will cover up the whole area of Pakistan and will be the first national high precision navigation network abroad.

Huang Lei, international business director of BDStar Navigation, which promotes BeiDou, had said in 2013 that the company would build a network of stations in Pakistan to enhance the location accuracy of Beidou.

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