STAFF REPORT LHR: Pakistan has a rich and vast natural resource base, covering various ecological and climatic zones; hence the country has great potential for producing all types of food commodities. More than 75 per cent people are engaged in agriculture sector. It contributes 21 per cent of the total GDP in Pakistans economy.

It provides employment to 45 per cent of people. It is source of raw material and output to industrial sector as well. Nowadays, this important sector is being neglected and export earnings are reducing sharply. Governments only focus has been on to formulate policies to increase industrial output only.

Agriculture sector is very important sector in Pakistan and is facing lots of problems. Problems like water logging and salinity, limited cultivated area, backward and outdated techniques of farming, illiteracy, subsistence farming, feudal system, improper irrigation facilities, problem of credit facility etc have put this sector on back foot.

All the efforts and planning should be diverted towards this sector. With issues of food insecurity, poverty and unemployment, the agricultural production should be increased to overcome these looming problems. Hence, the sector which has potential to increase the GDP of the country should be targeted rather than focusing on industrial sector.

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