STAFF REPORT ISB: The 3D printing industry leader 3D Systems has joined forces with the Level Up Village (LUV) to provide schoolchildren with digital literacy and 3D printing skills.

The scheme targets pupils aged between eight and 12 with a focus on the STEM subjects. It consists of after-school classes that empower youngsters to be international movers and shakers.

The LUV offers a range of in-class and extra-curricular classes that help children relate to both global and local STEM applications. When students take a class in the US, that class is given to a student living on $2 or less a day at a LUV partner school in developing countries such as Peru, Haiti, Uganda, Mali, India, Pakistan, Rwanda and many others.

The LUV is 3D Systems newest partner in its new MAKE.DIGITAL education initiative, an online hub that serves as a catalyst for innovation and technology initiative, where educators can access 3D printing resources, curriculums, product bundles and trainings for the classroom.

“Working with young students and 3D printing is exciting,” added Dr Kevin Merges, Director of the Innovation Center at Rutgers Preparatory School.

He said that the ability to consider the work of students on the other side of the planet is extremely valuable as we build global awareness in students everywhere

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