STAFF REPORT ISB: The solar panels and other precious equipment for the tube wells installed by the Bahria Town at the cost of millions of rupees to provide water to the drought-affected people of Tharparkar have been stolen from the area.

The Bahria Town administration has sought help from the Army and Rangers over the matter.

According to reports, the Bahria Town is in the process of installing 103 tube wells in the drought-affected Tharparkar district which would be run with the help of solar panels. Each tube well will cost up to Rs 2.5 million. A single solar panel providing energy to the tube well costs Rs 1.3 million.

Solar panels and other precious equipment has been stolen from 21 tube wells so far. It has been revealed that the locally employed watchmen were also involved in the theft. The sources said the Bahria Town has asked the Army and Rangers to take over the tube wells and run them.

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