With the auction of 3G, 4G spectrum licences, the mobile phone companies have invigorated their media campaigns – both on print and electronic – enticing their subscribers to come on their platform to enjoy, what they call, a bundle of benefits especially huge-sized videos with high speed internet. It is beyond any argument that rules should come first before launching any mechanism to explain its positive and negative impacts so that the mechanism is properly implemented without harming any individual. It has widely been observed that various lucrative packages like night talk time, Internet on cell phones, SMS packages, etc. introduced by the cell phone companies have delivered nothing but contributed a lot in detracting especially the youth. Since they used to remain glued to their phones during nighttime, their studies were badly affected; various incidents of immoral activities also came to surface. Even this moral deterioration had forced the court to intervene and direct the cell companies to shut down these packages. It is highly regrettable that in Pakistan system is installed first and codes are framed only when negative impacts of this system start surfacing. Making of immoral videos of Internet cafe users at various cities, putting them on Internet and subsequent suicide by some of these trapped females was a shocking incident. In the world, rules are framed first and any technology is launched later, while in Pakistan the situation is completely reverse for which the whole nation pays the price. It is never too late; the relevant authorities as well as the cell phone companies, before offering the high speed Internet facility to lure subscribers towards videos, must create awareness about how to use this facility for purposeful activities. Otherwise, further moral deterioration will be fate of the nation, especially the young generation, which is our future. India had launched the 3G technology a couple of years back, but before that it did attempt to create awareness especially among parents and students about the usage of 3G technology to get education even in remote areas and cautioned about the negative usage of this technology. How much our neighbouring state has been successful on this issue was a different issue, but they tried it. If a non-Muslim state is concerned to protect their youth from falling prey to immoral activities, why dont Pakistan, which is an Islamic state. This is a big question mark for the incumbent government and relevant authorities who claim to be the guardians of the society and builders of our future.

By Web Team

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