STAFF REPORT ISB: Faulty apparatus at a premier national water quality laboratory in Islamabad has caused pendency of thousand of water samples sent in for testing.

According to an official, photometer equipment in the National Water Quality Laboratory (NWQL), which works under the PCRWR, has been out of order for the last two months.

The official said that the department receives at least 40 to 50 water samples on a daily basis from areas including Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Jhelum, Attock, Chakwal, and Fateh Jang.

“It is the responsibility of the department to ensure smooth functioning of its equipment so that the people can be facilitated,” he said, adding that high-ups have been informed about the issue, but to no avail. He said that the water samples would continue piling up if the apparatus was not fixed immediately.

PCRWR Spokesperson Lubna Naheed admitted the equipment was out of order and the department had sent a request for a new machine.


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