STAFF REPORT LHR: With over 70,000 private schools, the private education sector in the country is rapidly growing.

A vast majority of these private schoold was low-fee private schools, but the real issue is whether these schools with low fees are providing quality education.

This question was raised by Tahir Andarabi, co-founder of the Centre for Economic Research Pakistan, while addressing a recently held conference on harnessing the potential of low-fee private schools, at the LUMS. The conference was organised by the USAID.

Addressing the conference through a video link, Prof. Andarabi said the median fees of these low-fee private schools, according to a study conducted by the Learning and Educational Achievements in Punjab Schools in Faisalabad, Attock and Rahim Yar Khan, stands at Rs200 per month.

There are as many as 4,000 network schools in the country, he said, adding but they have limited outreach.

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