STAFF REPORT ISB: A series of meetings regarding the restructuring and reorientation of various organizations are going on in the Ministry of Science and Technology, in the chairmanship of Federal Minister for Science and Technology Zahid Hamid.

In this connection, a detailed presentation has recently been given by Pir Baksh Jamali, Director General SQCA, a subsidiary organization of the Ministry of SandT. The minister said on the occasion that after the 18th amendments the PSQCA has to reduce its domain only to export and import purposes and to formulate various standards.

“Constitution is supreme and we have to recall all those functions of the organization which are overlapping with the organizations working the same functions in the provinces,” he said.

The minister directed the Federal Secretary Ministry of Science and Technology to have a meeting with the Chief Secretaries of the provinces and offer the facilities of the PSQCA for the capacity building of the authorities and standardization of the various products.

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