Platform and Robust Tool SuiteReduces Cost and Accelerates Time to Market

Islamabad: February 25, 2014 -Intel Corporation today unveiledthe Intel® Industrial Solutions System Consolidation Series, providing an accelerated path for OEMs, machine builders and system integrators to implement state-of-the-art industrial embedded systems. This is the first pre-integrated, pre-validated embedded virtualization product that allows customers to merge and manage multiple discrete systems into a single machine. The new series enables industrial and automation design makers to reduce costs and deliver new products faster and more efficiently.

As the first embedded virtualization product specifically designedfor industrial and automation environments, the Intel Industrial Solutions System Consolidation Seriesallows customers to merge and manage multiplediscrete systemsinto a single machine to deliver a low-risk path toward more efficient automation processes.

“More and more, the industrial sector is looking to technology for innovative ways to become even more efficient and competitive,” said Jim Robinson, general manager of Segments and Broad Market Division, Internet of Things Solutions Group at Intel. “By bringing together what have typically been multiplesubsystems within industrial equipment into a single computing platform, Intels application-ready platform makes it easier and more affordable for OEMs, machine builders and system integrators to deliver consolidated, virtualized systems.”

The Intel® Industrial Solutions System Consolidation Series offers a complete bundled solution containing an embedded computer with an Intel® Core™ i7 processor and apre-integrated virtualization software stack. The software stack includes Wind River Hypervisor* preconfigured to support three partitions running two instances of Wind River VxWorks* for real-time applications and one instance of Wind River Linux 5.0 for non-real-time applications.

Prior to this, consolidating solutions was a considerable challenge because many applications within the industrial segment require real-time performance or the ability to perform in a very predictable way. Virtualization addresses this by enabling secure partitioning of important workloads using multiple virtual machines. With three partitions, developers can consolidate multiple discrete subsystems onto a single device, offering reduced costs, increased flexibility and reduced factory space.

Baosight*, one of the largest system integrators in China, used the IntelIndustrial Solutions System Consolidation Series to create iCentroGate*, a secure data collection and communication product that merged the tasks of two seperate devices into one CPU. Using the Intel solution, the company reported saving an estimated 60 percent of development time and 50 percent of development costs.

“The Intel Industrial Solutions System Consolidation Series is helping us provide a unique and innovative solution to our mainstream customers, which gives us a huge technological advantage,”said Dong Wensheng, general manager of Baosights RandD Division. “By starting with the Intel application-ready platform, our development cost and time have been reduced significantly.”

Later this year, Intel will offer the bundle with the same software and the inclusion of McAfee Embedded Control.* This product will be offered without the embedded PC and will be available to qualified embedded ODMs to enable greater customization and branding.

The Intel Industrial Solutions System Consolidation Seriesinitial development kit recommended customer price is $3858 with 1 year of support and maintenance. The recommended customer price for the production kit is $2998 with 1 year of support and maintenance. Both will be available in Q2.

New Software Tools for Industrial Systems

Intel also released a new version of Intel® System Studio, a suite of software tools tailored to developers creating industrial embedded systems including those using the Intel Industrial Solutions System Consolidation Series. The new software and tool suite provides highly optimized build and performance analysis tools to help ensure functional reliability throughout the system life cycle. Intel System Studio is available free of chargefor a limited time if purchased with the Intel Industrial Solutions System Consolidation Series.

Intel System Studio is part of the Intel Developer Program for Internet of Things, announced yesterday. This comprehensive program provides hobbyists, students, makers and entrepreneurial developers with the resources needed to turn ideas into applications, and then introduce those apps into the market.

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