Q: Tell me about PakiUM.com?

A: PakiUM.com is an online music-multimedia-showbiz blog. Since its inception back in 2006, it has promoted over 800 Pakistani artists and bands. PakiUM, which is acronym for Pakistani ultimate media, is a digital media publication, covering Pakistani music, media and entertainment industry. PakiUM.com has around 3.5 lakh fans – following on social media platforms.

Q: What was exactly the motivation behind starting PakiUM.com?

A: The first thing to be motivated enough to create a model, is to seek inspiration from the existing models and thats exactly what I0 did. I was a music addict; I wanted to do something for music and especially music by underground Pakistani singers, by the time I got wind of Pakistans first music promoting website karachiunderground.com and the likes of PakMusic.net, UMR and J4Jumpy – I really planned to do my own.

Q: What and how has been the response from people?

A: At first it was good. You and your business need time to develop, and once it is done, all good things happen. Then, PakiUM.com has been stable. Now, everybody appreciates, sometimes New-BEs stuck with us and plan propagandas against PakiUm.com but it has already experienced its difficult phase and has been renovated as Pakistan most preferable and used website for music.

Q: Did you face any difficulties while starting up, in the mid, or did you ever had a feeling to pivot or to shut this site? Why?

A: Yes, although the Digital Market is a real charm and can be a money maker for you, but you still need some amount to cover up your initial expenses. Moreover, you need little bit throughout the journey until you become stable to protect your business. There were many moments for me, I was lacking motivation and the money but I never gave up, and I always believed that no matter how I am today. If I keep going slow and steady, the difficulties will end up bantering me and money and success will end up following me.

Q: Whats the best part of the next thing you are doing for PakiUM.com?

A: Well, there is always a room for improvement and PakiUM.com site needs more advancement. As the future plan is to build up a complete multimedia portal, it still needs many versions upgrades, and to be honest I am looking forward to strategize and bring PakiUM.com up and huge like Indias Bollywood Hungama Network.

Q: Are there any other entertainment portals like PakiUM.com available in Pakistan? If yes, what makes you distinguish from them?

A: Yes, there are many; what distinguishes us from them is definably our traffic and number of visitors on PakiUM.com. Currently PakiUM.com attracts 400,000+ visitors and 1 million page impressions on site per month (as per Google Analytics)

Q: How do you look at the success of PakiUM.com? Have you ever thought of such level of success when you had started it?

A: Of course, you never know what you are doing right now will turn in to something beautiful or will be a failure story. Even the greatest now a days – Mark Zuckerberg started with an idea i.e. Facebook, and he himself did not know it would end up as the world biggest social media platform. Your venture is like a baby, you have to feed it up, take care of it and you know it is going to grow with the time; you just have to believe in it.

Q: Any latest achievement by PakiUM.com?

A: Yes, recently Pakistans publishers performance record has been tracked and PakiUM.com is at the 10th spot with all other giant publishers like GSMARENA, JANG, GEO TV, TRIBUNE and DAWN PK, etc.

Q: Any suggestions you would like to give to the people who are planning to launch their own start-up?

A: Just follow your dreams; people will tell you much more than you know, but what you know just believe in it and be consistent and honest to yourself, your passion and your work. If it needs to fight for that, do it, just dont let it go.

By Web Team

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