STAFF REPORT LHR: Glow by Warid, Pakistans premier youth brand along with PakWheels orchestrated the 2014 Lahore Auto Show, which has recently been held in Lahore.

A huge crowd of families, youth and auto enthusiasts rushed to the Liberty Market for the auto show.

The event showcased hundreds of attractive cars and bikes with the blend of past and latest models of auto vehicles.

Purpose of the extravaganza to nurture the automotive industry in Pakistan, through a flashy event, where the young fans also gained insight on the hazards of street racing and reckless driving while it will also help portraying a positive image of the country internationally.

“We have a long association with PakWheels and Glow being the most dynamic and loved youth brand of the country is proud to be the part of such an outstanding show,” said Amer Aman, Head of Sales, Warid Telecom while commenting on the auto show.

Suneel Sarfaraz Munj, Director, PakWheels, said, “We are committed to bringing family festivals like the auto show in the limelight because these events bring joy for the auto enthusiasts of the city.”

He said that through this show, they have received tremendous appreciation and overwhelming response from people of Lahore, which motivates us to organize this on a much larger platform in future.

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