The Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (MUET) achieved another landmark by organizing the 29th IEEEP All Pakistan Students Seminar 2014 held on 22ndFebruary, 2014. The Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Pakistan (IEEEP) Karachi Center (non-profit) has been organizing the annual technical RandD national event titled “IEEEP All Pakistan Students Seminar” for the last 29 years in collaboration with Research Public/Trust/Private Universities/DAIs of Sindh province. This year, the Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Jamshoro was given the honour to host the 29th IEEEP All Pakistan Students Seminar in collaboration with the IEEEP Karachi Centre and Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. The MUET has had the privilege of organizing this prestigious event for the third time.

Prof. Dr. Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry (the DEAN FEECE), chief organizer and technical coordinator of the event; Engr. Yasmeen Naz (co-convener) along with organizing team including Engr. Sanober Farheen, Engr. Zaigham Abbas Shah, Engr. Aamir Ali Patoli, Engr. Saba Baloch and Engr. Azam Rafique put their untiring efforts to make this event another achievement to be added to the chain of successful events that Mehran UET has organized.

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Aslam Uqaili, Vice Chancellor of Mehran UET, graced the event as the chief guest. He cherished the efforts of Prof. Dr. Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry and also emphasized on his desire to make the MUET to the top ranked university in Pakistan.

IEEEP chairman Engr. Obaid-ur-Rehman was the guest of honour for the event. The student seminar was further magnified by two highly qualified keynote speakers – Dr. Haroon-ur-Rashid from PIEAS Islamabad, and Dr. Shakeel Ahmed Khoja from IBA Karachi. They gave the keynote speech on an emerging research topic “On-Chip Communication Network Design for Multicores Processors” and “Usage of Web Technologies into learning” respectively.

This seminar aimed for students to submit their research papers based on their FYP (Final Year Projects) from Universities/Institutes/Colleges in Pakistan running the undergraduate and graduate degree programmes in the domain of Electrical, Computer, and Software Engineering/Computer Science/ICT with majors in Electronics, Power, Energy, Computer, Telecommunications, Industrial Electronics, Bio-Medical, Avionics and Mechatronics Engineering.

More than 35 technical research papers were submitted out of which 16 papers were recruited to give oral presentation. Research papers covered diverse fields of engineering like Electronics, Telecommunication, electrical, Biomedical, Power and Industrial Electronics etc. Students from different institutions enthusiastically participated, including NED UET Karachi, Hamdard University, Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi, College of Biomedical Engineering Ziauddin University Karachi and NUST PNEC Karachi Campus.

Evaluation of research papers was done by all external judges in order to make assessment process completely fair and transparent.

As per the tradition of this event, the best three papers of the seminar were awarded cash prizes/gold medals and further top three were awarded silver medals at the IEEEP Multi topic Symposium held in Karachi on March 26-27.

According to the

results, the recipients of IEEEP gold medals and cash prizes:

FIRST: “Proteus Based Simulation Ensuring Optimization of Hybrid Energy System through two DC Power Sources” by Wahab Ahmed, Adeel Ali and Syed Waqas Uzair from PNEC-NUST, Karachi.

SECOND: “Design and simulation of MPPT based charging controller with battery” by Muzammil Kashan, Umar Hashmi, and M. Umair Mustafa from PNEC-NUST, Karachi.

THIRD: “Tele-manipulation of Master Slave Robotic Arm using Data Glove for Bomb Defusal and Disposal” by Saddam Hussain, Awais Gul Memon and Mohsin Shaikh with Hasnain from Mehran UET, Jamshoro.

Recipients of IEEEP silver medals and

cash prizes:

FOURTH: “Driver Assisted System for Accidents Reduction” by Kiran Rajput, Shuhabuddin Khoso, Afshan Rind from Mehran UET, Jamshoro.

FIFTH: “Energy efficient buildings, away towards electricity crises” by MutiullahMemon, Saira Aziz Soomro and Owais Ahmed Memon from Mehran UET, Jamshoro.

SIXTH: “Application of Diffused Reflective Method for E-Smart Blind Stick” by Salma Tariq, Saniya Amin, Muhammad Saqib Eijaz from Ziauddin University, College of Biomedical Engineering, Karachi.

SEVENTH: “Advanced trends in Harnessing Electrical Power by Wind Farm using DFIG and Back to Back Converters” by Talal Khan Ali Zai, Nusrat Hussain and Qamar Zia with M. Usman from PNEC- NUST, Karachi.

The coveted IEEEP Running Trophy which was won by Mehran UET last year, is handed over to PNEC-NUST, Karachi, for securing top positions, this trophy is given at the closing session of the 29th IEEEP Multi-Topic International Symposium held from 26th – 27th March 2014 at the Hotel Pearl Continental Karachi.

Poster session:

Mehran UET has always been a trend setter and this time in the narration of IEEEP students seminar, the Mehran UET commenced a new trend of Poster Presentation session along with Oral Presentation of research papers session in IEEEP. Top three poster presenters were awarded cash prizes of Rs.5000, Rs.4000 and Rs.3000 respectively.

Winners of

poster session:

Winner: Design of a dual Movement Blood Bag Shaker (biomedical Engineering Dept: Ziauddin University) by Rabia Ahmed, Emad Shaikh and Ibrahim Memon.

First Runner up (2nd prize): Assault Robot with image processing (Electronic Deptt: Mehran UET) by Muhammad Hunain Memon, Saadia Kulsoom Memon, Aqsa Badar and Hassnain Noonari.

Second Runner up (3rd prize): Electromagnetic Brake system in automative road vehicles (Electronic Deptt: Mehran UET) by Burhan Aslam, Muddasir Akram, Shafiqa Memon and Erum Karim.

By Engr. Yasmeen Naz and Engr. Saba Baloch

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