MANY WOULDagree that recycling not only affects the environment but it also makes the world a better place for plants and animals to live in. News studies have established that making new products from recycled materials means less manufacturing. And subsequently with the correct methods, we can have a comfortable and convenient life without the pollution. Recycling paper products can directly preserve a large number of trees that might otherwise be used to make new paper. According to statistics, recycling a ton of mixed paper or newspaper is equivalent to saving 12 trees. Given that the trees keep the surrounding environment clean by sucking up carbon dioxide from the air we breathe. Besides paper there are a huge quantity of glass bottles and plastic containers that make a major problem for cities and private companies who operate landfill operations. If not recycled effectively, these items would need more landfill sites which itself is a gigantic task especially in urban areas exposing the surrounding population to multiple health as well as environment problems. Moreover, in case the used items do not break down at landfill sites over a time the chemicals, used in making many products, can leach into the soil, pollute the water and any plants that grow on or near that area. This is especially true with computer parts, batteries and other items that contain certain chemicals. Same is the case with the marine life which is now directly prone to the rising quantity of trash in the oceans. Scientists and divers, during the underwater research operations, have repeatedly found animals trapped and killed by plastic and other garbage they have ingested. What we desperately need right now is to make the public aware about the benefits of keeping environment clean. If we better understand how the recycling helps the environment – the more inclined we will be to embrace recycling as a natural and important part of life. Official authorities, social organizations and educational institutions can play a significant role in sensitizing the masses as well as students on environment issue. The more role must be on the part of the government that should regulate the relevant departments to make the whole waste collection as well as recycling process more effective, as it would significantly control environment degradation which is incurring about Rs. 365 billion accumulative losses to the country in terms of deforestation, floods, land erosion, damage to agriculture as well as properties.

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