STAFF REPORT IBD: The Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) will help eradicate the encroachments in federal capital by digitalisation and satellite imaging.

SUPARCO will also facilitate future planning by using latest technology and techniques as well as it will minimise the human involvement especially during the award of new sectors.

CDA has signed an MoU with SUPARCO regarding satellite imaging to root out the encroachments, an official informed the media.

According to details, this satellite imaging would be taken in four different phases.

As a first step, SUPARCO would provide the data of satellite images of last five years and by using overlay imaging technique, CDA would be able to identify the encroachments.

In second phase, to check the ongoing encroachments, Islamabad will be divided into 34 parts and SUPARCO will take the satellite images of each part separately and then monitor it by its fresh satellite images after every 15 days.

Thirdly, SUPARCO will take satellite image of every newly acquired area of Islamabad at the time of award, showing all the built up property indicating the number of houses in the area, he said.

As a fourth measure, the whole Islamabad will be digitalised and there will be a digital map of Islamabad.

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