MONITORING REPORT IBD: The eco-planet team from UiTM Shah Alam has won in the UrbanConcept hydrogen fuel cell class race at the Shell eco-Marathon Asia 2014 held in Manila. The 18-member winning squad also broke the race record, clocking 44.5km/kWh equivalent.

The four-day event held at a street circuit at Luneta Park, Manila, attracted students of institutions of higher learning from all across Asia including Pakistan who competed to build the most energy efficient vehicle. More than 100 cars in seven different categories vied for victory.

Hammer Head ARC of the Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology that drove the equivalent of 159.95 km per kilowatt hour and stood fifth in its electric battery category in the prototype model represented Pakistan at the event.

Through their position at the race went down at the second stage, however, they along with PNEC-NUST from the NUST in Karachi, turned heads with their show of Pakistan culture in their booths inside the paddock area.Showing off tradition as they grasped the opportunity at a multi-nation event, the students were not only occupied with fine-tuning their vehicle design but also decorating their booths with the countrys flags, national dress and the cricket teams jersey.

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