STAFF REPORT IBD: In order to keep up with the rapid technological advancement, a Foundation for Nanotechnology will be established soon to build international, public and private collaboration and alliances with strategic partners in order to acquire new technologies.

“The Pakistan Foundation for Nanotechnology would formulate five and 10-year plans for nanotechnology and help entrepreneurs set up new companies and move successful innovations to technological clusters,” said an official of the Ministry of Science and Technology while talking to the scribe.

He said that in the past few years, the application of fundamental discoveries has developed multi-billion-dollar product lines.

The official said that the ministry is planning to set up a centralised national research facility for developing nanotechnologies and products.

He was of the view that the nanotechnology has emerged as new chapter in seeking accurate solutions to almost all sectors and the developed world is reaping huge benefits of this sector, the government of Pakistan has expressed its seriousness to initiative to widely introduce this high technology sector.

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