STAFF REPORT IBD: A recently held conference on Asian Monsoon and Climate Change in Islamabad stressed the need for emphasized on pooling up efforts to mitigate the negative impacts of climate change as it has become a matter of immense concern for the entire international community.

In his remarks on the occasion, Federal Minister for Science and Technology Zahid Hamid said that Pakistan contributes to only 0.43 per cent of the total annual global greenhouse emissions, ranking 135th in the world, yet it faces severe effects of climate change.

He said that Pakistan today faces five major risks related to climate change: rise in sea level, glacial retreats, floods, higher average temperatures and higher frequency droughts.

The Centre for Climate Research and Development (CCRD) at COMSATS CIIT Islamabad hosted the international conference.

In the opening session of the conference, Prof Juergen Kropp, the head of international cooperation of Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), Germany, delivered the keynote address.

International Centre for Climate and Environment Sciences (ICCES) Director Prof Dr Zhaohui Lin on the occasion gave his remarks regarding the importance of holding the conference.

According to the Global Climate Risk Assessment Index developed by Germanwatch, Pakistan was ranked 8th among the countries most vulnerable to climate change for the 20-year period (1992-2011) and third most affected country in 2011.

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