Week education system in Sindh has always been a dilemma since the inception of Pakistan. Even today the situation has not changed rather got deteriorated. Many factors can be linked with this crisis. Sometimes we feel that students themselves are involved to use guides, solve papers and copies in the examination in which they are checked out but unfortunately they are not checked out by administration of education. They are not often responsible for cheating in their examination. It is mainly due to the lack of best teachers who prepare them for exams. Furthermore, there are majority of teachers who are not able to teach but they are teaching. There are many students who work hard for their exams but they are discouraged by government boards of Sindh education. Degrees, grades and positions are sold in education board to those students who are wealthy and resourceful but not talented. The question comes forward. Why talented students lack interest in studies? The question is very simple. They believe that merit is ignored mostly in education of Sindh. The Government Board of Sindh has become centre of corruption.

The dominating impression about the system is that there is no appreciation for talented people in the province and there is literally no space for eligible people and even not credit for excellent students. In fact, there are many vacancies but not for those who have right for these vacancies. There are many government teachers who are involved in the crisis of educational system. They are destroying the future of new generation. The standard of education is regularly deteriorating as the provincial government does not take any action for the improvement standard education.

There are some critical problems in educational system of Sindh. The recruitment and retention of teachers, shortage of best, experienced and talented teachers make teaching more stressful for the students and other stakeholders. There are all subjects of science are in the provincial government schools from middle to secondary. When they got admission in college they become confused in the subjects of science as all subjects of science are in English from college to university level.

When we talk about the teachers who work in private schools, a question arises as why they leave their job in routine? There are some reasons of leaving teaching from private schools. They are overworked by administration of private schools but salary is less for them and social support is insufficient for them. Teachers often speak about low salaries. Teachers earn disrespect mostly from parents. They are being challenged by the questions like – are you really capable enough to help their child to reach his potential? Do you care enough of their child?, Have you really invested in observing that he or she gets good education? Whether these questions argued or not, but disrespect of teacher at all is sure. Rather, it is an indicative of parental involvement. About 80 per cent teachers do not know how to teach, they do not know the aim of teaching?, what are responsibilities of a teacher, but even then they are teaching. In fact they are not teachers, rather they are cheaters of the nation and are black spot on the face of the provincial education system. They are appointed to teach by political parties. They do not have abilities of teaching but they are strong because of political parties. No doubt they are destroying the future of our new generation. If any honest officer investigates upon them for the betterment in education of Sindh, he cannot do it fairly as political parties become hurdle in the investigation.

These teachers are associated with political parties. They do not obey sincere officers and they do not accept responsibilities which are given to them. They become obstacle in the way of quality education. There are 20 per cent teachers in the province, who are the best teachers want improvement in education system but under the influence of political parties they cannot work clearly, they cannot perform their abilities in a fair way because they are so disturbed in their work due to political parties. Political parties are killing the merit. Especially in the province those teachers are appointed who have political association. Those teachers are appointed who pay money for this job and eligible teachers are rejected.

Politicians interfere in administration of educational system especially in the appointment and transfer of best teachers, appointment of unqualified teachers. Merit is being neglected and appointments are being made on the basis of favouritism or political recommendations. Political interfere not only affects the educational system but it also disturbs the best and honest teachers and it disturbs the studies of our new generation.

Parents must support the best teachers who create the best students. They need to appreciate sincere teachers and avoid criticizing them on their work as they work hard for their children.

As for as schools of rural areas of the province are concerned, there are some factors of lacking in the educational system of these areas which affects on educational system of rural areas. Mostly teachers remain absent, some teachers remained present in schools of rural areas but do not work sincerely. It becomes the reason of disrespect of honest teachers in society. The schools of rural areas are made as guest houses of land lords and are made as barns of seeds instead of education for their children. This has adversely affected on the progress in education of rural areas. Shortage of teachers in rural areas has become the cause of illiteracy. Education officers do not visit the schools which are in the rural areas and do not investigate upon those teachers who are appointed there and are not performing their duties. There is also lack of supervision in schools of rural areas. The teachers who are appointed in rural areas do not realize that the future of the generation depends on their attitude. They do not care about what will be the result of it. The educational system of rural areas is on its lowest ebb. In other words the cause of illiteracy in rural areas is the landlord system. The education of poor and talented children of rural areas is ignored. Land lords of rural areas just want to employ poor and talented children on little wages.

These factors have become the major bottlenecks of deteriorated education system especially in rural areas. Are we asleep? Why dont we take drastic and radical steps for the improvement in education in Sindh? We have to think about our education as education is the strength of a nation.

The writer is associated as Profession Pvt Teacher in the Birds High School Sujawal, Sindh.

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