Sewerage water

IN order to eliminate waterborne diseases and stagnant water pools and puddles that serve as breeding grounds for dengue-bearing mosquitoes, a notification to penalise houses with water outside or inside is on the anvil.

But stagnant sewerage water needs to be stopped from entering our compound. Organisations concerned are not taking any action in spite of our close follow-up efforts.

Overflowing sewage inundates our houses and has completely ruined the outer walls and the basement. The sewage water flows back into the compound and creates the most unhygienic conditions, stench and moss.

We have brought the matter to the attention ofthe KWSB managing director, the Deputy Commissioner-East, our elected representative, district administration of Jamshed Town, as well as of the Water Board office in Sindhi Muslim Society.

Executive engineers and line supervisors have also visited our house periodically to inspect the waterlogging but no corrective action has been taken so far.

We have repeatedly offered to share the cost of laying a new line at a reasonable cost but have not been provided the estimates by the KWSB in spite of repeated requests. We apprehend that the continuing situation may damage the health of the members of the family for which the civic authorities will be responsible. I would be only too glad to meet the designated officer of the secretariat or that of the minister concerned to apprise him of details. I would request the authorities to take appropriate steps to get the problem resolved once and for all.

Anwar Abbas


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