STAFF REPORT IBD: Chairperson of Pakistan Council for Science and Technology, Dr. Mudassir Asrar, has said that the Council is planning to expand its area of activities to other cities of the country as there is a dire need to create awareness about the operations of the council as well as science and technology.

“We would hold seminars, workshops and symposiums in other cities instead of Islamabad because the people of other areas are comparatively less aware of the scope and significance of science and technology,” said Dr. Asrar while exclusively talking to the Technology Times here at her office.

She explained that it is our earnest endeavour to promote the culture of developing science and technology across the country and the Council is in a process to engage other related institutions to devise of a plan of activities in other cities.

To a question about the PCST tasks, she said that in fact the Council has been mandated a lot of assignments, however, in the wider perspective, its main task is to promote the science and technology researches, take initiatives to ensure development in this field and provide recommendations and advices for further incorporation in policy making.

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